MORNING COFFEE LECTURE 38 [A daily devotional to motivate your day]

Beloveth; How big is your vision for life? Thank God for keeping you alive! No matter how your life has been, always remember that if God kept you alive till now, when millions died this year, then He is not through with you yet and He is up to something special!

And that means there are greater and better days ahead! That is why you must think big and plan big! Spend today to thank Him in all things that is happening around you! If you think small, believe small, and expect small, your small thinking and mindset will keep you from the big things that God has prepared for you.

Daniel 9:4b says, O Lord, the great and dreadful God, keeping the covenant and mercy to them that love him. God is great and dreadful! He is able and that is why you must never think small or give up!

You must make your prayer points bigger! If you must pray and trust God for help, make it big. Your God has no problem doing what you want and doing far more than you dream and imagine!

God will exceed your expectations and He will answer the name: JEHOVAH OVER DO in your life, family and ministry! Hold on! Good morning!

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