List Of Winners: Loveworld International Music Arts AWARDS (LIMA) 2020

List Of Winners: Loveworld International Music Arts AWARDS (LIMA) 2020.


SINACH, SOPHIA, EBEN, MOSES BLISS AND OTHERS BAGS LoveWorld International Music Arts AWARDS (LIMA) |@sinach |@eben_rocks |@mosesblisslive | @sophiaariba

It was time to celebrate big for Moses Bliss as his song ‘You I Live For’ was announced as ‘Song of the Year’ at LIMA Awards 2020.

The LoveWorld International Music and Arts Awards (LIMA) 2020, took place yesterday Sunday, November 22nd at the beautifully-garnished LoveWorld Crusade Ground, Lagos, Nigeria. The special award ceremony initiated by the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome is poised to celebrate the outstanding contributions to the spread of the Gospel through music and art by LoveWorld musicians. Now in its 4th year, the highly anticipated event is replete with glamor, pomp, and pageantry.

Below are the Winners: 

Theme songs of the year

People in Prison by Tru South

Music producer of the year.

Kelly lyon

Spoken word of the year junior category


Spoken word of the senior category

Pastor Esther Miracle.

Music Video of the Year

_The Nominees for Music Video Of the Year is_

Tru South by people in Prison

UK band

God alone by Joe praise

And the Winner is:

God Alone by Joe praise

Best dance for kids category

Innercity Kids Dance crew

Best Rendition of the Year

You I live for by Moses Bliss sang by
Eli J and
Saving Power by Divine

Best Act of the Year

Best Men Vocalist of the Year 2020

_Nominees are;_
Eli J

_And the Winner is_


Best Female Vocalist





*And the Winner is*


Sophia || LIMA Awards 2020 ||

Hit Rap song

The winner is So_Oke

Hit Song of the Year


Able God by Sophiya

God alone by Joe praise

Good To Me by Israel Strong

_And the Winner is_

Able God by Sophiya

The best Songs of the Year 2020

_The Winners of the Best Song of the year_

Why by Deacon Buchi

I rejoice in you by Sister Chika

Jesus by Chris Shalom

CSO ft Cypher

All my worship by Eben

Mighty War by Frank Edwards

Good to me by Israel Strong

God alone by Joe Praize

Sinach|| LIMA Awards 2020 ||

Lifted hands by Sinach

Forever and ever by Eben

Martin PK

You I live for by Moses Bliss

Kings don’t beg by Israel Strong

Grace from the heavenly by Rita Soul

So graced by Rozey

Saving Power by Divine

Able God by Sophiya

Flying High (taking over now) Rita Soul

People in Prison by Tru South

Jesus by Testimony Jaga

My Hallelujah by Jahdiel

He is alive by Eben

We overcome by UK Band

I rejoice by Onos

Onos || LIMA Awards 2020 ||

You are the greatest by Sophiya

Artists of the year


Rita soul

_And the artist of the year with a cash prize of 25,000 dollars is_


Song Writer of the Year

_Most songs and bests songs with a cash prize of 50,000 dollars_

Sophia || LIMA Awards 2020 ||

*And the Winner is*


Sinach and Eben || LIMA Awards 2020 ||

Worship song of the year

*This worship songs are spirit filled*


All my Worship by Eben

I rejoice in you by Chukar

Able God by Sophiya

God Alone by Joe Praise

And the Winner with a cash prize of 50,000 dollars is

I rejoice in you by Chukar

The Song of The Year with cash prize of 100,000 Dollars


I rejoice in you by Chukar

Able God by Sophiya

You I live for by Moses Bliss

Our Worship by Eben

God Alone by Joe Praize

_And the Winner Song of the Year with a cash prize of 100,000 dollars is_

You I live for by Moses Bliss


Since it’s inception, the LIMA Awards have become a night to celebrate the best gospel music talents in the world. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome recognizes and appreciates the unbelievable talents of these creative musical ministers. Their use of music and artistry permeates the souls of the listeners. LIMA is a celebration and recognition of outstanding achievements in spreading the Gospel.

It all began in 2016 which was the ‘Year of Spreading’. “The unstoppable spreading of our messages around the world” of the LIMA artists meant more souls won. From here the world felt” an unstoppable increase in all directions.” The very first LoveWorld International Music and Arts Awards (LIMA), took place in the year 2016 and was certainly one of the most praised and well-loved events of the year. The carefully guided talents of the LMAM artists thrilled the audiences with music, song, dance, and spoken word performances.

The 2016 ceremony left a profound impression on all who witnessed its glory. There was momentum as the audience was “energized for the year to come.” Many awards were given out that night including the ‘Songwriter of the Decade’ award, which was won by internationally acclaimed gospel artist, Sinach. Her song ‘Spreading on Every Side’ reflected the majesty of the year. ‘The Word is working mightily in me, Overtaking in all directions. Grace and favor is working for me. My increase cannot be stopped.’ Other notable winners were for ‘Most Innovative Music Video’ was given to ‘Green Lights’ by CSO. The ‘Collaboration of the Year’ was “We Triumph” by Peeyuu and Sophia. Ada, Eben, and Israel Strong won prizes for their songwriting genius. As reflected in the words of Pastor Chris “the growth and dominion of the Word in you and your circumstances.” So the power of these songwriters was recognized as the ‘Year of Spreading’ set to expand and extend the word of God to all corners of the globe.

What followed was the ‘Year of Flourishing.’ When Pastor Chris heralded in 2017 with the explanation that “one of the features of flourishing is spreading.” Which means the spreading continues. “Not just attainment but significant attainment.” His LMAM stars were going to achieve the “news-making attainment’” with a sensational LIMA Awards Show.

If the aim was to recognize and celebrate excellent Christian music and musicians, as well as individuals and groups who perform creative arts, such as spoken word artists, dancers, comedians then LIMA 2017 exceeded expectations. Zoe was awarded the prize for ‘Best Spoken Word Artist’ and Sophie was given the prize in the junior category. The best media team was ‘Carel Films’. Inner-City Kids won the ‘Best Dance Act/Drama Performance’ and Bold Five was the ‘Most Effective Dance Group Of The Year.’ All areas of creative ministry were honored at the LIMA awards of 2017. TSharp with ‘My Identity’ was ‘Theme Song of The Year’ with the lyrics “Hallelujah I flourish everyday Hallelujah I know who I am Luxuriant growth Significant attainment Persistent productivity.”

It seemed to capture the mood and reflect the idea of the year. Pastor Chris prophesized that “So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed” as more amazing artists emerged. Testimony Jaga was awarded the “Best New Artist” of 2017.

Then in 2018 when Pastor Chris said “You’re going to see the unexpected. You’re about to see the unimaginable,” he saw that LIMA 2018 was “the most successful to date.” He was talking about the success of Christ Embassy while highlighting the accomplishments of the members of Believers LoveWorld in the ‘Year of the Supernatural’. According to Pastor Chris, the church reached new heights with the distribution of over 1.3 billion copies of ‘Rhapsody of Realities’ in the year 2018. This book is a light that guides Christians to an understanding of the Gospel. Pastor Chris said that in 2018 they doubled the worldwide distribution. A truly supernatural feat.

The song ‘Holy Spirit’ by CSO won two awards. It was ‘Song of the Year’ and ‘Worship Song of the Year’. There were mesmerizing and outstanding performances at LIMA 2018. Testimony Jaga continued to wow audiences with innovative ministries and his performance of his award-winning song ‘Jehovah’ lit the way for LIMA 2019.

As 2019 is the Year of Lights, we can reflect on Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s sermon at the inception of the year. “There are different kinds of lights…Light is for illumination, this produces clarity and refinement, innovation, sound judgment.”

Testimony Jaga and his Street Gospel Crew pick up an award after an amazing ministry at LIMA 2019 | GOSPELSONG.COM.NG

The different LMAM stars produced a show that was ‘hotter than fire’. These leading lights of the music ministry are showing us the way to glory and the greatness of God’s Kingdom. The profoundly moving ministering of Sinach as she accepted her prize for the Song of the Year came as she was able to give blessing to a delegation from Korea. The words of her song ‘Overflow’ had a life-changing impact on those who heard it. The LMAM artists are committed to spreading the Gospel as they have learned it through the teaching of a loving Father in Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

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