MORNING COFFEE LECTURE 98 (A daily devotional to motivate your day)

MORNING COFFEE LECTURE 98 (A daily devotional to motivate your day).

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Beloveth; As you journey in this last month of the year, hear this: Help is from God and I also know that God uses people or positions people on our pathway in life to help us. When God decides to have mercy over a man and help him, nobody or force can stand against him. In this last month of the year 2020, I see the Lord sending you help from unexpected quarters! Destiny helpers are people assigned in your life to add value, usefulness, and significance to your life; they contribute to your welfare and inspire you to strive to fulfill your destiny. They come into your life to help you fulfill what God has commissioned you to do. I decree: from today, new destiny helpers will locate you and those in your life now, will fulfill their God-sent mission into your life and ministry! December will favour you. God of zero hour will locate you! You will see the end this year! This year will never see your end! Happy new month!

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