DOWNLOAD: Uche-delu Mozie – God Is Enough

DOWNLOAD: Uche-delu Mozie – God Is Enough.

This song titled “God is enough by the aweMazing melodious Gospel Music Artiste “ucheDee” on her first ever single produced by Philipkings studio is a good reminder to us that despite the challenges and burden in life, we will have to believe in God’s sufficiency, be hopeful & relentless for GOD IS ENOUGH.
She is an upcoming Music Artiste with (2) sizzling albums already up her lace.
Listen and experience the inspiration from God as He echoes that He is enough for us all




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Our God is enough
His Grace Is Sufficient.
Alleluia God is enough
God is enough 2ts

Chorus: His Grace is sufficient, is so much.
His Grace is sufficient, He is so good.

The God I know is Great & Mighty
God The Father, God The Son and Holy Ghost
The God that created the whole universe
God The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ
Does any problem matter when God is in control ?
Does it matter who left o, when God is still there ?
Does anything matter when God is in charge
Oh my God is enough, His Grace is sufficient 2ts
God is enough 2ts
His Grace is enough, the God that does all great things.
He’s God of all flesh, nothing is too hard for Him.
Sufficient in love & mercy.
Is a Perfect God
Mighty in power, He walked upon the sea
A Generous God oo that blesses the Barren,
Great in kindness,He feedth the poor
Does anything matter when God is in charge
My God is enough His Grace is sufficient 2ts
You are my all in all 3ts
You are everything to me
Chorus. .. You are so Good
You’d been caring for me right from my conception
You lifted me up from nobody to somebody
Who am I Daddy that you’d been so good to me
Who am I Papa
You are so mindful of me
Who am I ? 2ts
You are so mindful of me
I buru mu Ihe nile,
Chi Mu iburu mu ihe nile
I buru mu ihe nile
O dighi ihe m choro nime ngi Ma mu ahughi?
I woni Ohun Gbongbon si mini 3ts
I woni Ohun Gbongbon ti moni
You are my all in all.. …………

I zuru Oke Chukwu 3ts muo. Chorus : Ome nma
I zuru oke Chinekem. Chorus…. Ome nma. Daddy di nma neme nma
I zuru oke n’ihe nile, odighi ihe nyiri ngi omume.
I zuru oke n’ima nma, leenu n’inwegi ntupo
I zuru oke n’ike, okwa ngi gara ije n’elu miri
Odumunije a, Daddy n’edu mu n’ije a
I zuru oke n’olu ebube
Okwa ngi mere Onye isi hu Uzo.
Chukwu mere ngwuro gaa ije, aga tuo ime, ogbi kwue okwuo
Ome Ife Siri ike. …ana mu akpo ngi ome Ihe siri ike
Ome Ihe siri ike
Ihe siri ike ka ime o we di nfe
Ome Ihe siri ike
Kpolu m ya ome Ife siri ike
Ome ihe siri ike, ihe siri ike ka omere Odi nfe
Izuru Oke n’ihe nile
Odigi ihe a choro acho nime ngi……. Omenma

Are you rejected….. God is enough
Are you oppressed… God is enough
Are you handicapped, downtrodden or frustrated….
No matter the problem….. .
God is bigger than all your problems
He that laugh last laughs the best
Forbidden fruits taste sweetest
God is enough 2ts Chorus……….

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