DOWNLOAD: Benny N – A Call For Change (Mp3, Video & Lyrics)

DOWNLOAD: Benny N – A Call For Change (Mp3, Video & Lyrics).

Benny N releasesaa powerful song that addresses the current situations of the world now and a prayer of plea to change our condition titled “A Call For Change”.

Benny is a gospel preacher and fast upcoming gospel artist and from Umuozu Nwangele LGA in IMO state.

This song is curled out from her album titled “I Will Rise Up”.

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INTRO: Change our condition O’ LORD Change our condition, change our condition Almighty father change our condition, we are calling you we are begging you change our Condition, we are calling you we are begging you change our Condition. Change our Condition O’ LORD Change our Condition, we need your healing, Mighty God we need your healing, we are calling you we begging you change our Condition, we are calling you– – – begging you, change our Condition O’ LO- – RD.
Change our Condition O’LORD change our condition, change our Condition Almighty father change our Condition, we are calling you we begging you change our Condition, we are calling you we begging you change our Condition.
Lead background voice : O O LO- – R– – D.
1. You come to the world now ,war every where, you come to the world now, crises every where, terrorism has become the order of the day o o, Father come , father come, come, father come, father come o-o-o
Israelites and Parlistans are at war all the time, you see Ukraine and Uganda fighting all the time, my country Nigeria is in crisis even now, father come, father come come father come, father come o o o,come and heal our land ,come and heal our world, come and heal Nigeria my country, politics in our country has become a different thing,father come o- o father come o- o- o- O, Father come o-, come and heal us o-o, how comes how comes, how comes O’LORD, politics in Nigeria has become do or die o- o-o, O’ LORD come and heal us, come and change our condition, come and change our condition Almighty God o- o

. We beg you father, Babaaa, o- o- O LO- — — -R-D, change, change, change, change.

Change our condition O’ LORD Change our condition, Change our condition Mighty Father change our condition, we are calling you we are begging you change our condition, we are calling you we are begging you change our condition.

Add lip: we beg you Father, Babaa O’ O- O-O LO– — — – – — -RD. Change change, change, change.

Interlude- – –
3. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, who can lead in Nigeria like David of the O—ld. O o o LO— -RD give us a good leader. You gave us a Messiah the said no no no no no, you gave us a good leader, they surrounded him with evil, O’ O LORD, hear our cry, hear our cry hear our cry o o. Kidnapping, traffick–ing, they are good business in Nigeria aa, ,why why, why hehe,

Back up voice: why why.
Lead voice continues- –

You see many country have signed gay marriage into law ooo, Ritual killings and Rapping have become a common thing O’LORD hear our cry a a a, o o.

Back up- – – hear our cry, hear our cry a a

Lead voice continues. My country Nigeria aa, Boroko Haram Heads men destroying properties, Father please come help us, come hear our cry o o, come hear our cry o o, is too much. Every day every night, l pray for my country l pray for the whole world m m. See how Syrian Govt.,threw chemical weapons on her citizens killing innocent children killing innocent souls, destroying homes, destroying people o o, o o o, come and hear our cr—y, come and hear our cry, come and hear our cry O’ LORD, O O LO—RD.

CHORUS: Change our condition O’ LORD change our condition, change our condition mighty father change our condition, we are calling you we are begging you change our condition, we are calling you we are begging you change our condition.

Add lip
Hear our cry, we beg you O’ LORD, we are calling you o o, we beg you O’ LO–RD.

Interlude- – –

4. Lead voice
Nigeria bu Obodo Chukwu choro nma a a,

Back up — Obodo oma a a a

Lead voice — Nigeria bu Obodo Chukwu choro nma, ndi ojiri ola Edo gozie, ndi ojiri nmanu gozie, ihe di nma di na ime Nigeria a a.

Back up- -Obodo oma a a.

Ma Lee ihe na eme na Nigeria na agba anya mmiri na anya a a.

Backup – – Na anya a a

Lead voice – – lhe na eme na uwa Uwa a a , ona eburum aha ariri, amaghi nke nga ako hara ibe ya a a.

Backup- – – hara ibe ya a a

Lead voice : Oria ejula ebenile e e, Lee na Nigeria a a, oria juputara ya a a a, Chineke mee ebere e e e leta umu gi i i,

Backup- – – dododoo

Lead voice: onodu anyi a a a, gbanworo anyi ya e e e, onodi anyi a a a anyi achoyiya nma ncha biko biko o -o, we are begging begging , pleading, change our condition,

Backup- – change

Lead voice: we are begging you, we are calling you, change our condition O’ o LO- – — -RD.

Chorus – – – –


Add lip
We beg you O’ LORD, we cry,cry, cry, cry for you O o o o, O o o o.

Interlude– – –

5. Chief Davis Oparaocha ee, Ochi Udo 1 of Ulakwo autonomous community na Owerri ee, ochichi GI di anyi nma

Backup ochichi gi di anyi nma.

Add lip. Uwa ga adi nma

6. Dr. Iheme Oge Chukwu Jo o- ohnson, aka na agwo oria na St Mary’s Joint Hospital Amaigbo o o o o o

Backup jisike na oru.

Lead voice
Very Rev Father Godfrey Chukwuma Oparaekwe Servant of the most High.

Backup. Nwa Chukwu.

Lead voice
Rev Father Anthony Egbosimba a a Agada gbachiri u- – -zo, Nwa Chukwu Ji aba a a, Papa change oo change oo change our condition, O O change o o, we beg y – – ou, change our condition o o o o o o


Add lip
Change ee, we pray for change O’ o LO- -RD, change our condition, change our condition, change change, change, change, change, we cry, we cry we cry for you LORD, we cr- – – y , for your name, we ca- – -llig you eeeeee.

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