Exclusive Interview with Uju Valentine(A sensational gospel artist)

Exclusive Interview with Uju Valentine(A sensational gospel artist).

Tell us about yourself:

I am Uju Adukwulu Pearl popularly known with stage name Uju Valentine. Born in Udi L.G.A of Enugu State, Nigeria.
I’m a mother, happily married to a handsome and lovely husband with beautiful children God blessed us with.

I’m a health worker precisely a Nurse and a specialist on mental health.

What inspires your music life:

My music life is first of all inspired by the love of God which He bestowed on me(us)and that is why I’m a gospel artist cos I like to sing to God and in turn ,be a blessing to the body of Christ with my music and giftings.

How and when did you start your music career:

I started singing as a Child in the Children’s church and I never stopped being a blessing to the church till now. As a student, I did alot of back up jobs and lead vocals for some artists until I started recording my own songs.


What have been your challenges in music ministry:
Every artist needs sponsorships or endorsements . this helps project one but sometimes it’s not often possible here but God has been faithful so far.

Just as a professional nurse you are, do you see yourself living music for any other career or business?

Not at all, music is my calling and I can never leave my divine call for any other thing. Though I may combine other career or businesses side by side with my music to make a living but quitting music is out of it. Because we must preach till Christ returns.

Can you tell more about your latest single “You Do Well”

You do well is a heart warming and thanksgiving song with enlivining lyrics which expresses the wondrous working power of God.Its a song born out of personal encounter with the God that can calm the storms of life at any time He choses no matter how turbulent it could be.Yes,I had my baby at September instead of the EDD slated for December. It’s a long story but this single intends to raise hearts and voices of thanksgiving to the ever merciful God.After being delayed, it is by divine orchestration that it is released now , reminding us that irrespective of the chaos that has hit the world,God is still good and faithful.
Praise God.

What’s your advice to upcoming artistes: Remain strong and focused..Your time is coming if you do not give up. Often the journey to the top is not easy.

What’s your last words to your fans

All my fans all over the the world, I want to thank you all for your support so far and encourage you all to keep supporting me in prayers, in buying and downloading my songs, most especially follow on my social handles @ujuvalentine. And subscribe to my YouTube channel. Stay safe and God bless you all.




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