DOWNLOAD: Samuel Sunday – He Has Done It. (Mp3 and Lyrics)

DOWNLOAD: Samuel Sunday – He Has Done It. (Mp3 and Lyrics).

Music minister Samuel Sunday releases a new song titled: He Has Done It.

The song tells us that God is there for us in days of trials, he has the power to raise anyone from dust to glory, and also telling us that God is our hiding place





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Jehovah reigns, jehovah reigns, Jehovah reigns, jehovah reigns, jehovah reigns, jehovah reigns, jehovah reigns, jehovah reigns – 2times

Eh eh eh eh eh
(echo) jehovah reigns

God has answered all my prayers
(echo) jehovah reigns

After so many years of tribulations, he has done it for me
(echo) jehovah reigns

Verse 1:
In days of tribulations he is there
He works in ways we cannot see
He leads his children through the storms of life
And never let the devil conquer them
He says his time is always the best
And they that wait he renew their strength
He crowns his children struggles with success
His love covers every love

Verse 2:
Oh lord you are my hiding place
MY strength in you I put my trust
The giver of life and all
You are lord and lord of lords
I give you the highest praise
Every praise to you we give all
Elshadai, omini potent God
You alone are sovereign God

Verse 3:
I lift my eyes unto the hills
From whence cometh my help
My help cometh from the lord
The lord which made the heavens and the earth
He raise the poor from the dust
The beggar from the dunghill
And then sits them with kings
They inherit the throne of glory

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