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QUOTE OF THE WEEK 39 (Samuel Isaiah special quotes)


QUOTE OF THE WEEK 39 (Samuel Isaiah special quotes).

It is better to wait for the time than to waste the time

It is popularly said, there is time for everything. That is to say there is always an appointed time for any activity, event or action to take place in life. You can never cheat nature by bringing forward or backward of any event of life to take place before or after it’s divine and natural designed time.

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Life is a stage or is in stages, you can only achieve a good result or reward when you are working on the right and ripe stage. When the stage is not ripe and you work on it, you will only hurt your teeth like one who ate an unripe fruit and will suffer for it by having a blunt and wounded teeth.

Time used in working on a project or event that the time is not yet matured is a wasted time and cannot yield any good result.

Therefore, is better to be patient and wait for the right time than to waste time working invain.

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