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QUOTE OF THE WEEK 41 (Samuel Isaiah special quotes).

QUOTE OF THE WEEK 41 (Samuel Isaiah special quotes)

Success and failure are conceived at the same pregnancy at the same time but one is to be delivered at expense of the other, the offspring that is delivered is a direct product of the principal impregnator  who is either good or bad attitude

To explain this, Our heart is like a female egg, and thought is like the semen from male organ. The semen has the ability of producing both X and Y chromosomes which represents boy or girl child. Which I can represent as good and bad thought.

And our thought is what determines our attitude. Good attitude is a product of good thoughts, while bad attitude is a product of bad thoughts. Every human being always have those two attributes of thoughts (good and bad). But the one you made dominant determines your character or attitude. So that is the one that manifest often (delivered).

Therefore, when the principal impregnator is from the good thought, it will yield good attitude which will deliver Success as its offspring. But when it’s from the bad thought, it will also yield bad attitude which will in turn deliver Failure.

Therefore, do your best to filter your thoughts to produce a good thought at all times in order to continuously delivering Success as your Offsprings.

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