MORNING COFFEE LECTURE 112 (A daily devotional to motivate your day).

MORNING COFFEE LECTURE 112 (A d aily devotional to motivate your day).

Beloveth; each man draw up new year resolutions and I am led to share the following list with you! Pick your choice, pray over them because Ephesians 5:15 says: Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise. Be wiser this year! 1. Walk more! 2. Sit less! 3. Finish your Bible! 4. Live simple! 5. Consume less! 6. Adopt an attitude of gratitude no matter the matter! 7. Set a bigger goal than last year! 8. Always focus on your goals. 9. When angry, take a walk before any action or words! 10. Be consistent with meal times, except when fasting! 11. Call parents, siblings or friends or more. Forgive more! 12. Have a day to fast and pray and be consistent with it. Your enemies are not sitting idle. Some people / powers are angry that you saw this new year. 13. Change friends who draw you backwards and leave you dry spiritually. Mark those who love you only when your sun is shining! Never forget those who deserted you in your crisis hour – avoid them like a plague! 14. Avoid people who waste your time! Time lost is lost forever! 15. Create time for yourself. You have just one life. Enjoy it. Worry less! Laugh more! Every stress you allow is a step nearer to your grave! Follow these steps and you will see the amazing turn-around in your life! Happy Sunday!

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