Quote Of The Week 13 (Samuel Isaiah special quotes)

Quote Of The Week 13 (Samuel Isaiah special quotes).

What makes one rich or wealthy is not one’s currency but one’s value for exchange, and also what makes one poor or wretched is not lack of paper or coin currency but one’s lack of value for exchange

That’s to say, when one has something to offer to the public in exchange for money, riches is assured and when one has nothing to offer to the populace in exchange for money, poverty is assured.

Therefore, strive to acquire skills or develop your natural given skill.


Everyone is endowed with a natural gift from God, you can develop that talent to become your skill which in turn becomes your means of exchange. In the other hand, you can go ahead to acquire a skill by academics or learn a handwork profession. Either way you choose becomes a means of exchange when executed well.

Quote by Samuel Isaiah

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