Iyke Chikwendu birthday

[Birthday Corner] HAPPY BRTHDAY minister Iyke Chikwendu

Iyke Chikwendu birthday
Iyke Chikwendu birthday

[Birthday Corner]

HAPPY BRTHDAY minister Iyke Chikwendu.

We the entire members of GospelSong Download extends our heart warm wishes to you Iyke Chikwendu on your birthday. We say more grace to your new age as you expands the gospel to reach the whole universe through your inspiring songs especially the one titled It’s All About Jesus

In the words of Iyke, he wrote:

My name is Iyke Chikwendu. Also known as SharpSound. I’m a musician – song writer, Pianist and producer. The singer and producer of the hit single – It’s All About Jesus.

I’m pleased to announce that today is my birthday.

I’m so grateful to God that so far it’s been a interesting journey with Him unwaveringly and faithfully by my side.

I personally believe that birthdays give us the privilege and opportunity to reflect on our lives and reckon on how our lives have been, remembering, recounting in an analytical way, the successes and the failures, the ups and downs, the good and the bad, the losses and the gains, up till the present moment with an intention to show God’s goodness.

Having been through thick and thin, rain and shine, God has been so faithful. Each year has been much better than the last, previous one and so on.

In the same way, I also pray and believe that this fresh year for me, is going to be full of surprising elevations and joyous achievements beyond my wildest dreams. Amen.

Thank you so much, everyone who celebrates with me and made any contribution even in the minutest way. God blessings remain with you all. Amen.

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