Difference Between Righteousness and Salvation

Difference Between Righteousness and Salvation. (Morning Coffee Lecture) The difference between righteousness and salvation is that righteousness refers to a state of being morally upright or just, while salvation refers to deliverance from sin and its consequences. Righteousness is a moral quality or attribute, while salvation is a spiritual state.Continue Reading

THE IMPORTANCE OF PUTTING GOD FIRST A Pastor was at home getting ready to go to Church. Suddenly his wife ran outside to cry, weeping and wailing. The Pastor asks his Wife.. What happened? The sad, crying Wife said: Our son just passed away. They both walked in and sawContinue Reading

Morning Coffee Lecture

Is Jesus Same Name As Yeshua. TOPIC: THE HEBREW NAME OF JESUS “YESHUA”. Text: Mathew 1:21. INTRODUCTION: Beloved; As we are approaching the Easter celebration, it is important that we consider the name of the second in the Trinity in continuation of our study of God as the supreme andContinue Reading

Your Elevation Today

God’s Timing: Still the Best (Your Elevation Today). “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.” – Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NLT) God’s timing is perfect, even when it doesn’t align with our plans. Trusting in His timing requires patience and faith, knowing that He works all thingsContinue Reading


Divine Healing In the Old Testament part 3. (Morning Coffee Lecture) Alright, let’s take a look at the story of the Israelites in the desert, as found in Numbers 21. The Israelites were complaining about their lack of food and water, and as a result, God sent poisonous snakes intoContinue Reading

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Divine Healing In the Old Testament part (Morning Coffee Lecture) There were many different ways that divine healing was achieved in the Old Testament. One method that we didn’t talk about before was the use of rituals. In the Old Testament, rituals were often performed to seek healing from God.Continue Reading

Rev. Praise Ihechimere Ekewuba

JEHOVAH TSIDKENU (The LORD Our Righteousness). Text: Jeremiah 23:5-6. INTRODUCTION: As we study the ways God revealed himself through his names as a sovereign God, we will be looking at one of His names “JEHOVAH TSIDKENU” ( THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS ). RIGHTEOUSNESS is a product of faith in God.Continue Reading

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Divine Healing In The Old Testament (Morning Coffee Lecture). To begin, it’s important to understand that divine healing in the Old Testament was considered a sign of God’s power and presence. The people of Israel believed that God could heal any disease or affliction, and they often sought his healingContinue Reading