QUOTE OF THE WEEK 20 (Samuel Isaiah special quotes). All determination does not end in success but constructive applications of determination does. That’s to say one can have determination to achieve a goal and yet fails as a result of not accompanying the determination with plan. Therefore, to achieve yourContinue Reading

QUOTE OF THE WEEK 19 (Samuel Isaiah special quotes). Every constructive determination will get good rresult That’s to say that every positive mindset will certainly achieve a desired goal. NOTE: Some determinations does not achieve success because they are not constructively made. Quote by Samuel Isaiah Follow @samuelcisaiah1 Using links below: FollowContinue Reading

QUOTE OF THE WEEK 17 (Samuel Isaiah special quotes). Harnessing God’s given talents brings fulfilment and joy more than profit making. This is because people making profits through their businesses or handworks sometimes finds it stressful, boring and wearying but those who uses their talents finds it more pleasurable becauseContinue Reading

Quote Of The Week 11 (Samuel Isaiah special quotes). Every business idea is firstly conceived,then executed successfully or unsuccessfully by attitude. That’s to say that no business empire was built out of a vacuum. Everyone has an aspiration but getting the desired aspiration lies solely on one’s mindset. Dreams canContinue Reading