Quote Of The Week 12 (Samuel Isaiah special quotes). Place value on time, and you will have value for yourself. That’s to say that when you value your time, you will do meaningful with it. And doing meaningful things with your time will always bring good and great result thatContinue Reading

Quote Of The Week 11 (Samuel Isaiah special quotes). Every business idea is firstly conceived,then executed successfully or unsuccessfully by attitude. That’s to say that no business empire was built out of a vacuum. Everyone has an aspiration but getting the desired aspiration lies solely on one’s mindset. Dreams canContinue Reading

Quote Of The Week 10 (Samuel Isaiah special quotes). Sadness does not solve any problem rather make you complicate issues in a battle field instead convert your sadness to positive anger that will propel you to achieving your goal. For instance using religious angle to explain it, when you areContinue Reading

Quote Of The Week 9 (Samuel Isaiah quotes). As much as a wound imposes pain to the body, so also the antidote imposes painkiller to the wound. That’s to say that every problem dies at the foot of a solution. Therefore, discover your antidote today. Quote by Samuel IsaiahS FollowContinue Reading

Quote Of The Week (Samuel Isaiah special quotes 8). As much as there is pain, so also there is a pain killer (antidote) That is to say in as much as there are problems in life, so also there are solutions to these problems. You don’t commit suicide because ofContinue Reading

Quote Of The Week (Samuel Isaiah special quotes 7) Just as every wound comes with a pain, so is every mistake comes with a regret. That’s to let us know that every action or decision that we take in at any particular time has a remark it leaves behind evenContinue Reading

Quote Of The Week (Samuel Isaiah special quotes 6).   Nothing keeps or put you down except yourself That’s to say that nobody or condition can stop you from making success in life except your negligence to opportunities and your negative attitude towards life. No enemy can stop you exceptContinue Reading

Quote Of The Week (Samuel Isaiah special quotes). Portray the right attitude, the right altitude will comeThat’s to say opportunities are utilized best by those who are prepared. Being ready by means of preparing oneself before time is portraying right attitude to success. When you behave well in your endeavoursContinue Reading

QUOTE OF THE WEEK A failed accomplishment does not indicate or prove failure but accepting and admitting the word “failed” does. That’s to say there is always hope for every failed project to be accomplished successfully because there is more than one way to achieve a certain goal. A  anotherContinue Reading

Accomplishment brings fulfilment and completeness. That’s to say that whenever one achieves his or her goal, there is always a relief and sense of belongings as well as satisfaction. This can make one feel complete in that particular area of live without fear of anxiety. Quote by Samuel Isaiah @Samuelcisaiah1Continue Reading