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QUOTE OF THE WEEK 36 (Samuel Isaiah special quotes)


QUOTE OF THE WEEK 36 (Samuel Isaiah special quotes).

Time is a friend selector to SUCCESS and FAILURE. If you can walk with her, she selects you as a friend to success but if you cannot walk with her, she selects you as a friend to failure.

That’s to say that anyone who obeys the law of time by doing the right thing at the right time will always be on the track to success. That is why people and organisations who follow the trends of time in their ventures are always relevant at all times and does not get outdated with time. But in the other hand, those who disobey the laws of time by doing things at their own pace instead of the speculated and expected time of the nature of what they are doing or expected to do are on the track to failure , outdated and forgotten with time.

Therefore, always keep updated with the trends of time to remain relevant at all times. Time changes so also things changes everyday.

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