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MORNING COFFEE LECTURE 145 (A daily devotional to motivate your day).

Today’s Morning Coffee Lecture 145 says:

Beloveth; Better restaurants are being built daily worldwide, but how many believers are building better prayer alters? The outward man is vanity! It is dust and to dust, it must bow. However, your spirit man is divine and eternal! So, resist the end-time battle to steal your inner power, through physical food. In the second half of 2022/beyond.

Discipline your body and take regular times off to fast, pray and meditate on the Word of God. As you feed the physical man, give greater attention to the spiritual man!

End-time time type of the Christian faith is described in 2 Timothy 3:5, Having a form of godliness, denying the power thereof. That’s not your portion! Reject religion without power! Keep your end-time fire by force!

Hence, enjoy life, but anticipate heaven! Good morning!



Pulse and meditate on this punch line:

“Resist the end-time battle to steal your inner power, through physical food. ”


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