Sonamercy – Jesus nima sin (Mp3 + Lyrics]

Sonamercy – Jesus nima sin.

Gospel singer, female evangelist and songwriter, Sonamercy is out again as ordinary with another inspirational Yoruba song, titled: “JESU NI MA SIN” (I will serve Jesus).

In a world filled of people chasing the void and mere materials stuffs that will fizzle out with time, We need to turn to Jesus and serve Him because when you have Jesus, you have everything in this life. In yeear 2020, 2 yeears ago Sonamercy also discharges an Inspirational soul-lifting melody of expectation and consolation Album, which she Titled: OBA AKIKI TAN (ENDLESS PRAISE) .





Sonamercy – Jesu nima sin Lyrics

Lead: Babami lemi oma sinlo Jesumi lemi oma sin lotiti Amin oh Ase.

Kosoun tole yami yaoh oh baba Ese kole yami ninu ifere Moti seleri pe n oh sin oh dopin Amin oh oh Ase

Chorus: babami lemi oma sin lo Jesumi lemi oma sin lo titi Amin oh oh Aaase.

Verse2: Ewa si odomi Eyin ton sise Emi o so eru yin di fifuye Eyin ki oh si kabamo pemomi Amin oh oh Aase.

Chorus…… Verse 3 Ninu aye eyin oh ri ponju Sugbon etujuka Emi tisegun Bekun bape di ale oh Ayo nbo lowuro.

Chorus….. Vamp: Call: Emi osin oh dopin oh Res : emi osin oh dopin oh Call:olorun agbaye Res:…..

Call: idunu gbogbo agbaye oh Res:…….

Call: nigba erun ni gba ojo Res:…….

Call: emi inu awon woli Res:…..

Call: awa yo sin oh dopin oh

Res:awa yo sin oh dopin oh

Call: awa yo sin oh dopin oh

Res:awa yo sin oh dopin oh

Call: gbogbo aye osin oh dopin oh

Res: awa yo sin oh dopin oh.

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