DNA problem


DNA problem


Breaking News!!!

A 61year old retired banker Chief Segun Balogun who lives in Lekki secretly did DNA test for his 4 kids, the results came out negative for all of them – 3 boys and 1 girl.

The test was carried out at a popular hospital in Victoria Island.

He became so angry that he beat the children mercilessly, threw them out of the house and told them that he is not their father.

The wife Kemi, came back from market, on reaching home she didn’t see any of the children.

She asked her husband the whereabouts of the kids, the next thing she saw was a knife in her husband’s hand, before she could run, it was too late.

She saw herself falling to the ground with blood oozing out from her neck.

Neighbours who were attracted by the shouts and commotion held down the man and rushed the woman to the hospital, while the police were invited.

While Segun was writing statement inside the DPO’s office, the DPO checked his phone and saw 20 missed calls from same number.

Segun could not recognize the unsaved number when it was shown to him but while they were contemplating whether to return the call, the phone ran again and he was prevailed upon to pick the call – it was the hospital which had been trying to reach him since he collected the DNA result.

It turned out that due to mis-tag he was handed the wrong result.

His was positive all through, meaning all his children belong to him!

The man shouted, what?!!!

A mistake or what did you say?!!

Tears ran from his eyes, his hands began to shake.

To compound matters two of his friends dashed in from the hospital where the wife was rushed, to announce she gave up the ghost 15 minutes earlier.

He thought of his dead wife and the children he threw into the street, and his body started shaking so violently that he fainted.

Alas, Guess what!?

When he opened his eyes he was sweating profusely but lying on his bed in his room,

Sebi una like horror movie, abi. Make I go disturb another platform

Use it to reduce the stress of NIGERIA and enjoy your individual self…

*Lesson is to be PATIENT👌*

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