Morning Coffee Lecture Devotional image

Morning Coffee Lecture 156 (A devotional to motivate your day)

Morning Coffee Lecture

Morning Coffee Lecture 156 (A devotional to motivate your day).

Beloveth; In this year 2023, wherever you see oppression, apartheid, segregation, injustice or wrong of any type, you must oppose it! Don’t wait for the crowd to act! Do not be afraid! Just act alone and always remember: real positive pride is holding your head up when everyone around you has theirs bowed!

In each of us, there is a flame that must be never allowed to go out. That as it burns within us, we cannot be destroyed.

Don’t fall for the lie that one person cannot make a difference. All powerful movements began with the actions of individuals striving for change! Your actions count! In this year 2023, be the change!

One life can make a difference!

Good morning!


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