Morning Coffee Lecture

Morning Coffee Lecture 160 (devotional)

Morning Coffee Lecture 160 (A devotional to motivate your day).

Morning Coffee Lecture 160 (devotional).

Beloveth; When Haman and his ten sons planned the burial ceremony of Mordecai, they forgot that for a covenant child of God, the final say is from the of Jehovah. When enemies of Daniel planned his disgrace, it was God’s counsel concerning him that stood at last.

When David was considered unfit to rule amongst men and he was assigned to the bush to tend the sheep, did he not become the first at last? Oh, the Holy Ghost is saying to someone reading this write-up now : No matter the depth of your past failures or the intensity of your current threats/battles/trials, no matter what men are saying about you and no matter what is happening around your life and ministry, always remember that at last, only God has the last word on your life! Resist fear and hold on! Look up and trust Him! Happy Sunday!


Morning Coffee Lecture 160 (devotional)

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