Morning Coffee Lecture 34 (A daily devotional to motivate your day)

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MORNING COFFEE LECTURE 34 (A daily devotional to motivate your day)

Beloveth; The glory of the Lord is risen upon you, whether you can see it or not and no matter how yours has been! Stop seeing what the devil is doing! Start seeing what God is doing or going to do in your life by your eyes of faith!

The devil’s worst strategy for keeping you small and in a small place is that he keeps your thinking glued to small and negative things that happened this year! It’s time to see the glory of the Lord by faith! It’s time to set your mind on big things.

The word arise means to turn your face just as Moses turned his face to see the burning bush! Arise, turn your face from gloom, delay, depression, inferiority complex, past failures, people’s negative comments about your life or ministry!

See the promised land and not the giants! You will recover all! Amen! Happy Sunday!

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