Morning Coffee Lecture

Beloveth; In this trying period, do not allow discouragement, depression and self-pity to kill, stop or postpone your dreams/pregnancy of ideas concerning your destiny. Joel 2:28, talks about every child of God prophesying (youth), dreaming dreams (Old men) or seeing visions (young adults) in the last days. These are the three ingredients of divine pregnancy and Satan is determined to kill them. Most especially in this time the whole world is running here and there; let the devil know daily that you will not give up and that your life’s dreams and goals cannot be stopped. No matter how the year has been, always note: Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged people who kept on working! Keep working! Keep moving! Keep dreaming! Keep prophesying to yourself! Keep your goals/vision! Reject satanic plans to abort your goals/dreams! The world will celebrate you! Don’t give up! Good morning!


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