DOWNLOAD: Elstellato – Avo Poro (Thank You Always).

Dr Stella Ozigi popularly known as ELSTELLATO by her fans is an educationist by profession and a singer/songwriter by gifting with a passion for inspiring lives through her songs.

She started writing songs since 1991 and has written over 250 songs ranging from gospel to situational songs till date. She has written songs for organisations , schools and programs and has been involved in several gospel choirs in Nigeria and the UK. Her style is versatile as her songs cuts across different categories and genres of music and people.

Avo Poro which means thank you always was inspired by a domestic accident which kept me on a cast for 3 months. It was during this period l wrote and recorded this song. (Nov/Dec 2020)

While l was being grumpy and complaining about my 3months of being on a cast for just a simple fractured ankle l met people with worse conditions and this opened my eyes to the need to give thanks always no matter the circumstance or challenges we are faced with. We need to have an attitude of gratitude, it turns our lemons to lemonades.

So for the good, bad and ugly situations always remember to say AVO PORO!





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