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QUOTE OF THE WEEK 31 (Samuel Isaiah special quotes)


QUOTE OF THE WEEK 31 (Samuel Isaiah special quotes).

Politeness, silence and absence are the best weapons to fight anger.

That means, on anger conditions, if you must talk be polite otherwise keep silent. Of silence is not enough, walk away and absent yourself from that environment.

Further more, talking to a furious angered person could be dangerous so the only way to maintain peace at an intense condition is to talk politely to the angered person. If talking softly is not working, keep quite and if keeping mute is not still holding back the person, just walk away until he or she calms down.

The same way is applicable to when you’re angered, if you cannot talk politely, close your mouth, if your temperament is still stirred up at the point of mute, just walk away from that environment that angered you and move to a condusive place. By so doing, you will defeat the anger.


Quote by Samuel Isaiah

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