Sinach Has Made Another Ground Breaking Record (BMI Award Winner)

Sinach Has Made Another Ground-Breaking Record (BMI Award Winner).

Nigerian most influential and decorated gospel artiste, Sinach is busy making the body of Christ proud globally as she wins yet another prestigious award this time from the well-recognized international platform known as BMI.
Below is her message to us (from the horse’s mount).
Hi friend,
It’s another milestone for us. I’d like to personally appreciate you for your support.
We are breaking grounds!!!!
Here’s a special message from me to you above.
#WAYMAKER by Sinach wins BMI song of the year
Sinach performs “Way Maker” at BMI awards event, Watch HERE
First African BMI Christian 'Song Of The Year' Winner - WAYMAKER
First African BMI Christian ‘Song Of The Year’ Winner – WAYMAKER
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