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6 Keys To Avoid Singing Off Key

6 Keys To Avoid Singing Off Key

Affter years of vocal coaching, we have  come across a small handful of tips and tricks for singing perfectly in tune. There’s a certain one that we will love to show you and it’s a little unusual!

Here it is: Sit or stand in silence and then imagine in your mind the note that you would like to hit. Do nothing until you are hearing the note clearly in your minds eye. Then once you are hearing it, try to sing that note, see if you get close to it. Then repeat the exercise with another note.

By imagining the note, then attempting it, and repeating you will begin to develop a closer relationship with different pitches. Be sure to give this one a go as it’s fun and it really works! Add in 5 minutes of this exercise into your practice routine and you’ll be sure to improve!

Fear can also lead to off key, so please build confidence and believe in yourself, the more you are afraid of going off, you will go off key. Trust yourself and your voice to help you stay on key.

You need to sharpen your ears when it comes to sound cause some people are tone deaf, if you find yourself here kindly score songs more, work with your keyboardist to help you by changing keys and asking you to Follow, the more you do that, the more your ear is becoming sharp to sounds.

Also don’t be claiming professional when you have not gotten there yet,

Please chose the right key for your Ministrations, it’s not by force to sing the song on the person’s key when your pitch is not there yet, it leads to off key when the singer is not comfortable with that pitch.

And it is not a must you sound like another artist  simply because he or she is a professional or trending artist.
You must learn to be yourself, be unique in your area of calling.
Note: two individual artist has same voice texture or tone. Everyone is blessed uniquely by God with a specific and unique voice tone.
Even when some sounds similar, there is always a distinctive measure that differentiates the two.
So believe you are the best in your own voice and singing pattern.

Every person dreams of having a beautiful tone when they sing. We all dream of opening up our mouths and magically, everything comes out sounding perfectly!

But what happens when reality sets in? When instead of hearing perfection, we hear our flaws and all the things that need improvement? Sometimes even the best singers want to throw in the towel, give up and say, “I don’t have it! Maybe I’m not as talented as I thought.”

Singing takes time. Singing takes practice. Singing takes patience. Singing takes persistence and consistency. Practice may not always make perfect,  but it makes PROGRESS! So stay on track! Stay on course and be true to your talent! You got this! I believe so much in you

It’s never too late to become a better singer, just be intentional about what you need and be consistent in doing it. You will achieve success

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