Christian Edification Stories


A Pastor was at home getting ready to go to Church. Suddenly his wife ran outside to cry, weeping and wailing.
The Pastor asks his Wife.. What happened?
The sad, crying Wife said:
Our son just passed away. They both walked in and saw the dead boy lying on his bed the wife grabbed him crying that they should not go to Church first because their child in the room was dead. But the Pastor said “we will leave the corpse and we will go to Church we have to put God first!
Let’s go to Church!
The Wife was outraged and said:
Our son died and we’re going to Church!!?
The Pastor said yes! And they left the already dead boy
On bed.

In the Church the pastor start to preach, the Church was well filled to capacity on that day.
At the end of the Sermon, the Pastor said:
Brethren, I Lost my Son this morning and started to cry.

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Everyone was sad by what the Pastor said. When the Pastor returned home with the members, they were shocked to see that God,has brought back their dead child alive and playing! So they all wept for joy and praised the Lord!

Seek first the Kingdom of heaven and its righteousness and all things shall be added to you (Matthew 6:33).

God put us to test sometimes and no matter the situation w must always put him first.
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