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QUOTE OF THE WEEK 42 (Samuel Isaiah’s special quote).


When one arrives in this world (born), her/his people rejoice while she or he cries. But when one departs this world (death), her/his people do the contrary (cries) while she or he either cries again or does the opposite (rejoices) as determined by her or his works on earth.


Rejoicing is associated with Heaven and determined by good works. While crying, is associated with Hell and determined by evil works.


That is to say that this world we are living in is a hell, that’s the reason why children cry when they are introduced to the first hell.


However, it is a choice of duty and responsibility of the individuals to determine the state by which they choose to depart the world. Either to go the same way they came by following the evil activities of the world (sin) and end up in the second hell (hellfire).


Or to go the opposite way they came by shunning worldly evil activities, doing good, and ending up in Heaven.


It is left for you to choose, but I urge you to choose the opposite way you came.

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