Message To Abians from Samuel Chimezie Isaiah 

Message To Abians from Samuel Chimezie Isaiah 

Message To Abians from Samuel Chimezie Isaiah

Abia state born popular gospel artist Samuel Isaiah popularly called SHAWA SHAWA master has adviced Abians to be honest in their electoral participation and ensure they come out in mass to vote their preferred candidates. He also advised them to focus on character and not party.

On his media interview he said:


My heart always bleed each time I’m coming home.

Passing through many states and only reaching my state and notice entirely a different thing. Being welcomed with stench and stinking smells here and there, with little or no development, as I left it before so I meet it again.

The only significant things I still see in Abia state today are still the things the first civilian governor of our dear state, Ogbonnaya Onu did during his tenure to be honest.

That doesn’t mean I neglect the efforts of the current government, predecessors and their achievements especially the only flyover in Abia which I don’t think should be over flogged.

It’s quite unfortunate for the God’s own state as said.

I am optimistically believing that is going to be good someday and it should be now.

Let’s leave party politics and focus on character and individuals.

god-fatherism and it’s produce have not done us any good at all.

I urge each and everyone of us to speak your mind with your PVC and ensure you monitor and safeguard your vote.

Peanuts and little grains of rice and other wretched gifts they are offering you to woo you to vote for them and party will only lead you to many years of hunger.
Why not be hungry today and eat forever.

Don’t sell your conscience, don’t sell your vote and future for any man, any party for any price or reason. Follow your conscience and do the right thing.
That’s my candid advice.

In this upcoming election, I wish Abians and Nigerians SHAWA SHAWA in Jesus name.

God bless Abia State

God bless Nigeria

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