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Quote Of The Week 51

quote of the week artwork

Quote Of The Week 51

(A Samuel Isaiah’s special quotes)

Quote Of The Week 51.

Everything in life is in two’s

That is to say that whatever has a good side or a bad side will also have the opposite side. And that leads us to the stream of choice.

When you see a good side of a coin, also know there is a bad side of a coin too.

When you see a man, also know there will be a woman too.

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When you see the positive also know there will be a negative too.

When you see cry also know there will be laugh too.

When you see sorrow also know there will be comfort too.

When you see peace also know there will be crisis too.

Everything it’s in two’s.

It’s left for you to make a choice of which one to choose in life.

However, I urge you to make a right choice.

Written by Samuel CHIMEZIE Isaiah 

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