Divine Healing In The New Testament (part 5)

Divine Healing In The New Testament (Morning Coffee Lecture)

Divine Healing In The New Testament (part 5).

[Morning Coffee Lecture]

Yes, many people struggle with the idea of asking for forgiveness. It can feel difficult to admit we are wrong. But, as the Bible teaches us, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9). Sometimes, the act of asking for forgiveness and making things right with someone can actually be a freeing experience. Have you ever had an experience like that?

That’s great that you’re open to this discussion! Another key part of humility is gratitude. Being grateful for what we have can help us to put our own needs and desires in perspective. It can also help us to see the value in other people and to be more willing to serve them. Do you think that gratitude is an important part of humility?

Yes, gratitude is an important part of humility, and it’s something we can practice every day. A simple practice is to start each day by listing a few things you are grateful for. This can help us to start the day with a positive and humble attitude. What are some things you are grateful for today?

I love hearing about the things that people are grateful for! Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make a big difference in our lives. One thing you mentioned was family. It’s so true that family is a tremendous blessing. What is it about your family that you are most grateful for?

It’s wonderful that you have such a close relationship with your family! Family can be such a source of love and support, especially in difficult times. You mentioned friends as well. Friends can be like family in many ways, and it’s so important to have close and supportive relationships in our lives.

And it’s so important to have people in our lives who are there for us through the ups and downs. In addition to family and friends, you mentioned your faith. Can you tell me about how your faith has impacted your life and shaped your values?

It’s amazing to hear about how your faith has impacted so many areas of your life. Religion and spirituality can bring a sense of meaning and purpose, and it’s wonderful that you have found that in your faith. You also mentioned your job as something you’re grateful for. What do you like about your job, and how does it fulfill you?

Wow, it sounds like you really love what you do! The sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from a job we enjoy is so important. It’s wonderful that you are able to use your gifts and talents in a way that brings you so much joy. Is there anything else you’d like to mention that you’re grateful for? In all,  it is good to be grateful in life.

I’ll give you a quick summary of everything we discussed!

Absolutely! In the New Testament, we see many examples of divine healing. Jesus performed many miracles of healing throughout his ministry, including healing the sick, casting out demons, and even raising the dead. The apostles and other early Christians also performed healings by the power of the Holy Spirit. In the book of Acts, we see how the early church was characterized by signs and wonders, and how people were healed as the gospel was preached. The book of James also teaches us about the importance of prayer and faith in the process of healing.

We also mentioned being grateful for family, friends, faith, and your job. We also talked about how gratitude can lead to humility and positive changes in our lives. We discussed how our faith can give us a sense of purpose and meaning, and how a job we enjoy can bring fulfillment.

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