MORNING COFFEE LECTURE 28 (A daily devotional to motivate your day)

Beloveth; At every juncture of your life your Creator will always ask you one question: Did you do your best? He is not going to ask you: Why did you fail? Why is your past a mess; why are you not the best yet? Why are you not perfect, etc. He that sees the hearts of all men will alw

ays ask you: Did you do your best? If your best is not good enough today, by the help of the Holy Ghost as you refuse to quit, your best will someday become a success story!

No matter what; always remember that your best is what you do after your best which is yet to come! Don’t allow arrows of self-pity, Self-comparism, laziness or procrastination to capture you.

Apostle Paul kept reaching for the goal til he got there and if you do your best daily, you will become the best among the best in your life, ministry, career, marital life, academics or business!

Don’t allow any demon to intimidate you! Always remember: You will always be asked one question: Did you do your best? Rest in God and move on! Good morning!

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