DOWNLOAD: Opephils – Satisfy (Mp3 and Lyrics)

DOWNLOAD: Opephils – Satisfy (Mp3 and Lyrics).

Adegboyega Opeyemi Philips known as Opephils is a minister of God’s word whose songs have blessed many lives across Nigeria and beyond. Her inspiration is entrenched in the living word of God inspirited through her encounters with the Holy Spirit, these are evident in most of her songs.

Satisfy is a new song born out of the desire for an experience, not just an infilling of the Holy Spirit but also an outburst of His Spirit likened to a flowing river through which those who are thirsty for more of God can drink and quench their thirst.

The song produced by Horlippy is an expectation, a yawning for satisfaction, a groaning for more of God. Often times, the mortal man thinks he knows all of God until God unveils another dimension of His depth to him. God is inexhaustible, hence the reason we crave for Satisfaction.

“Having discovered that as much depth of the Holy Spirit I have been enjoying, I always longed for more, wanted a deeper and greater measure of Him. So one day, I was on a business trip when the Holy Spirit visited me as usual. There was this unspeakable excitement of a newer dimension of Himself revealed to me and at that point, I wanted more as my case was likened to that of Jacob’s, wrestling with the Angel when he determined never to let Him go, until he was blessed. In this same vein, I caught the revelation of this song SATISFY“.

By listening to this song, your live will be filled with an ever increasing and deeper measure of the Holyghost when likened to a well and a flowing river through which lives around you can drink thereof and experience the mighty Power of God.




And ye shall receive power
After that the holy ghost is come upon you
We need an outburst, an infilling of the holyspirit

I can’t exhaust you
Am thirsty for you
Satisfy me
Satisfy me Lord

I can’t exhaust you
Am thirsty for you
Satisfy me eh eeeee
Satisfy me (x2)


As the deer pants for the water
So my soul pants for you
I am thirsty, I am hungry
So I want more of you (x2)

Let me hear you say
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh o oh oh oh oh oh (x4)

Let it spring
A well in me
Let it flow
Rivers of living waters (continues)

I can’t exhaust you
Am thirsty for you
Satisfy me
Satisfy me

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