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Morning Coffee Lecture Devotional 148

Morning Coffee Lecture Devotional image

Morning Coffee Lecture Devotional 148 (A daily devotional to motivate your day).

Today’s Morning Coffee Lecture 148 devotional is written to examine your spiritual life and to keep you on check for eternity. Read on below:

Beloveth; Social media can be a place where sin can run unchecked. From a disconnected mindset of privacy, the internet can be used to manifest evil things; show evil things, and make friends that can lead to a life filled with sin. The internet is also a blessing if well used! A Christian must be on guard and regulate those things that you participate in when nobody is watching you! What do you watch or read when nobody is watching? For example, if you continually view angry posts, it can motivate you to become hot-tempered! Remember that as a man thinketh, so is he! The mind is the man! You must remember your testimony as a child of God when using social media! It can be a trap to dry up your oil! If you have people on your friend’s list that are posting inappropriate pictures, comments, or posts to include nudity, perversion, and profanity, it is your responsibility to, unfollow and not participate with those people. Be a light to the world; run from evil posts! Carry and read your Bible with as much dedication as you do to your mobile phones! Only the Bible can transform! Fall in love with the Bible again. Use technology positively! Happy Sunday!

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