Worship Centers to resume service in Lagos: See date and details

Worship Centers to resume service in Lagos: See date and details below

Green light for Churches as Governor of Lagos state has approved the date for reopening of worship centres.

The Governor of Lagos state, Nigeria, Babajide Sanwoolu on official address on Covid19 updates at Lagos State house, Marina on Saturday 1st of August, 2020. Announced the date for reopening of worship centres in the state.

According to him the churches are to resume service on the 9th of August, (Sunday) while the Muslim faithfuls will resume on the 7th August (Friday) respectively.

He further gave requirements for the resumption. Which he said that the capacity for each service should be 50% of their total congregation per service.

No weekly activities but only Sunday service as the case may be depending on the religion.

The nose mask is mandatory throughout the church service and service must take place in a well ventilated environment. Hand sanitizers, hand washing with running waters and soap is compulsory at entrance and most importantly no usage of handset during the services.

Physical material like offerings/tithes envelops should be avoided instead electronic means should be encouraged.

Furthermore, old aged people from 65years and above are advised to stay at home as well as under age children. And social distancing rules must be strictly adhered to.

In continuation, the emergency call numbers must be boldly written at the entrance of the worship centres where it will be visible to all.

The governor promised that his monitoring teams will be at watch on each worship centres in the state to ensure strict compliance to the set rules.

Read more on the rules and guidelines

Get ready to dance with this songs of thanksgiving below as we resume in church service

  1. You Will Do by Hope Adewusi
  2. Changeth Not by Noble Moo
  3. In Christ Alone by Ayodele Enoch
  4. We Prostrate Remix by Samuel Isaiah
  5. Always Win by Sinach




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